A New Type Of
Art Buying Experience.

Publicly launching in 2021, 5oz. was conceived by Stephan Weishaupt, taking a collaborative approach to partnerships with artists by offering a gallery environment that guides both a presentation and buying experience in a way that is highly individualised. Stemming from a life-long immersion in the art world and as an extension of his successful, multi-national design businesses, 5oz.’s approach is reflective of Weishaupt’s personal vision.

Showing art and interacting with clients in unconventionally personalised ways differentiates the brand from a typical gallery. Displayed in a network of settings in and around Toronto, Vancouver, New York, and Miami, including within private residences, accessible by appointment, and at AVENUE ROAD showrooms, roving exhibitions include a mix of represented artists’ works.

A consultative approach is taken to the service offering, which includes advising, sourcing, procurement, and logistics for bespoke commissions, in addition to selling pieces from artists included in the 5oz. roster.


For curator Stephan Weishaupt, it all comes down to relationships. Weishaupt’s intuition, world view, and above all, affinity for connecting people is what has enabled him to engineer truly original experiences.

Born and raised in Munich, Weishaupt’s relationship with his family — a long line of entrepreneurs, architects, and art patrons — imparted his insatiable curiosity and appreciation of art and design.

True to form, Weishaupt’s focus, and measure of success is the quality of the relationships he has built with both his clients and artists who have come to trust him as a true collaborator.


The work of Regine Schumann allows an exploration in the relationship between colour, light, form and room. Utilizing industrially produced acrylic materials, almost fluorescent acrylic glass sheets that under black light come alive and turn into luminous light objects, her coloured spaces significantly change the functional realities of the space and introduce possibilities of new experiences.

Schumann’s installations with lustrous colour schemes generate an intoxicating, chromatic aura. Spatial installation with rows of vertical bars, a group of parallel fluorescent and reflecting panels and monumental slabs work create an altogether harmonious and graceful effect.

Currently living and working in Cologne, Schumann’s work has been exhibited widely worldwide and is included in a number of permanent collections.


Peter Steinhauer is an artist photographer, who had until recently been living and working in Asia since the early 1990’s. His photography focuses predominantly on architecture within urban landscapes, man made structures and natural panoramas.

Born and raised in Boulder, Colorado, Peter Steinhauer developed an early fascination and appreciation of different cultures through family holidays. These experiences actively fed his curiosity and ultimately afforded him the opportunity to live in numerous cities around the world including the Stockholm, Sweden, both Hanoi and Saigon, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Singapore, San Francisco and more recently Washington, DC.

His works can be found in the collections of the Carnegie Museum of Art, the Hong Kong Heritage Museum and a growing number of private and corporate collections world-wide.